Change Management

'Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future' -  John F. Kennedy.

Constant change is here to stay, particularly within the world of work. We live in an increasingly competitive world, with greater expectations and greater speed demanded, often with fewer resources available. It is a fact that the world today is more different from the world in which our grandfathers were born as their world was from that of Julius Caesar. Whether your change is labelled re-structuring, re-engineering, re-organising, or re-location, the challenges presented should not be underestimated.

So how can we effectively deal with and manage change for both ourselves and our teams, whilst promoting health, well being and engagement, and at the same time, maintaining productivity? Successful change management requires a structured approach, focusing in not only on the new processes required, but also on supporting the key resource within our businesses, your People. At Sequence, our core team are very experienced in people and operational management, and have successfully led several major business change programmes. We have a particular interest in business transformation and specialise in helping individuals to manage and lead successfully through periods of significant change, as well as helping leaders and managers to get the best performance possible from their people and teams

Change Workshops for both Managers and Employees

We provide Change Management training and support focused on maintaining and promoting employee health, well being, engagement and productivity through change. Some of the aspects covered in our workshops include:

  • The nature of the workplace today - What is change?
  • What sort of changes affect us?
  • A walk along the change curve - well managed change process versus loosely structured process
  • What does successful change management look like?
  • Feelings and behaviours along the curve - managers response.
  • Employee engagement and communication through change
  • Leading and Managing through change
  • The emotional roller coaster of change - helpful interventions
  • Promoting team effectiveness following change

These Workshops can be focused on groups of individuals who have the role of managing change and teams within an organisation, or on employee groups who are experiencing the effects of a change within their work environment. We focus on promoting a positive view of change, and encouraging the employees to participate, actively engage and enjoy the change process.

All our workshops are very interactive, and involve lots of participative activities - this has several benefits:

·        Learning by doing is a proven way of accelerating learning, and making it more enjoyable and memorable for the participants - we don't do big binders;  we find that they just aren't needed!
·        It aids team bonding and enables individuals to support each other back in the workplace
·         Employees feel more empowered to take proactive steps to self help using some of the techniques they learn rather than being reactive
·          It enables us to get a really good understanding of where the participants are along the change curve, and for us to recommend further positive interventions to assist the change process, either for groups or by providing more discrete 1 to 1 assistance.

We also work with groups or 1 to 1 with individuals to teach them how to take control of their lives using powerful NLP techniques developed over 35 years. If required, we can also employ Hypnotherapy as an alternative or complementary means of helping our clients take control.

Contact us to see how we may be able to help your people take a different perspective on change.

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