How does the Coaching process work?

During a coaching session, the client discusses the challenges and issues they are facing, devises ways to meet those challenges, and sets goals for their achievement. The coach helps the client to continually focus on their goals and keep them on track until they are achieved. The coach helps the client look at their present situation and realise their future, rather than look at the past, helping them to focus on their own solutions.

We would normally meet with a prospective client or talk to them over the telephone in the first instance, to establish rapport and to discuss the areas which the client would like to explore with the coach. Once it is mutually agreed to enter into a coaching relationship, typically our process takes the form of 4-6 sessions of 2-3 hours duration, over a period of 2-3 months. The number, frequency and duration of the sessions can be varied from client to client depending on needs and progress. After this, it would be decided together whether to take the relationship further. This decision would depend on the results achieved, and the scope of the areas or goals which the coachee wishes to pursue. 

The coaching sessions themselves can be face to face, or can also work well by telephone, depending on the preferences of the client; this may be helpful if location is a problem. There is also support offered between sessions by e-mail or telephone contact to enable feedback, and to help the client with specific issues or problems which occur as they work towards achieving their goals.

We work with personal clients, and also with individuals who have been offered coaching by their employers as part of their career or personal development process.

Coaching can help people find focus and direction through exploring dreams and ambitions, clarifying values, identifying and changing negative beliefs, and setting life goals.Taking that first step alone can be hard, taking it with a personal coach significantly increases the probability of great and lasting results.

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