Leadership & Management Skills Development

At Sequence we are passionate about helping individuals, teams and whole organisations to improve their performance, maximise their potential, and so drive increased commercial value to the business. We deliver practical interventions which inspire performance, based on the extensive commercial experience of our core team. We design and deliver programmes in the following areas, based on the specific business goals to be achieved:

  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Management and Organisational Skills Development
  • Individual and Team Motivation and Coaching
  • Sales and Finance Functional Skills Development 

Leadership Development

The lack of leadership is a primary factor in failing businesses and poor leadership contributes greatly to the ability of companies to retain valued employees. The ability to demonstrate a competitive commercial edge combined with good levels of emotional intelligence are key to leadership success, and today’s leader must be able to draw on strong intuition in addition to intellect and people skills to be truly successful .

Some of our typical Leadership Development interventions include:

  • Facilitated Development and Assessment Centres
  • Experiential Case Study Workshops tailored to Business Requirements
  • Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Awareness Diagnostics
  • 1-1 Motivation and Coaching
  • Personal Impact Management

These activities can be designed for groups, individuals or teams, and we specifically tailor the composition and development of our content to the commercial objectives and internal competency frameworks of the organisation we are partnering with. This approach makes the difference between just developing individuals, and fundamentally changing behaviours to actively support commercial strategy and achieve success. All our interventions and experientially focused, and typically contain fast paced exercises and direct feedback from observer coaches and peers. This approach has been proven to accelerate learning from previous experiences, and allow individuals to tap into their own intuition and resources to speed up their development.

Management Skills Development

Research has shown that the biggest reason for employees leaving organisations is ineffective line management. An organisation that believes that people are their core asset and differentiator in a competitive market place must manage and develop those assets effectively, and we can help by addressing all aspects of the performance and development process from first line managers to senior executives.

Our Management Skills Development programmes are specifically tailored to provide a safe environment for individuals and teams to understand their strengths and development areas, and to practice and gain confidence in using their new skills and techniques.

Some of the many modules which can be included in a tailor made programme are:

  • Assertiveness
  • Influencing and Stakeholder Management
  • Performance Management – Handling difficult conversations.
  • Effective Target and Objective setting 
  • Feedback and Coaching
  • Effective Questioning and Listening
  • Effective Communication - Presentation skills, Personal impact, Persuasive language
  • Team and Individual Motivation 
  • Growing Emotional Intelligence
  • Selecting the appropriate Management Style,
  • Situational Leadership
  • Relationship Awareness Theory, Relationship Management, (Strength Deployment Inventory)
  • Focused Team Skills development (e.g. Finance Business Partnering, Effective Sales Techniques)

Our workshops are fun, engaging, highly interactive and fast paced. We find that learning by doing and accurate, focused and timely feedback during the workshops accelerate learning and retention of the learned skills and tools. All of our products are designed to be directly relevant to your business needs and organisational culture.

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