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“Coaching is more than a skill or a technique for individual and team development. It is invaluable for task performance and delegation. Most importantly, it places people at the top of the agenda in action not just in word and is an essential management style of the high-performing company culture of the future”

Sir John Whitmore, Coaching for Performance

Performance Coaching is essential to maximizing organisational and individual success. Embedded in the process of ongoing communication and relationship building, Coaching delivers practical, commonsense approaches to developing people and processes, and is a powerful way of creating excellent results. Coaching can be deployed as effectively for quick management interactions as it can in a two hour coaching session. It is a powerful tool for developing leadership and employee performance beyond the typical skill and motivational approaches to professional development, and helps individuals, teams and organisations achieve peak performance.

The key skill for a leader is to be able to execute business strategies through others. When budgets are tight and changes or uncertainty prevails, leaders who are skilled in performance coaching can effectively develop and engage their teams to achieve results in ways that organisational initiatives cannot.

Technical professionals bring unique capabilities, values and expectations to the workplace, and leaders of these highly skilled employees often face special challenges. Those challenges are compounded by the fact that many of these leaders rose to management positions themselves because of their exceptional technical expertise, not people skills. Our extensive experience in working with technical professionals means that we are uniquely placed to understand, develop and deliver tailored performance coaching solutions for these teams in your business.


Our Proposition:

We understand what the best coaches do to keep their employees engaged. We are experienced in helping high-performance organisations establish and sustain coaching cultures. We specifically tailor all our programmes and interventions to meet your individual business needs. As experienced performance coaches and business leaders ourselves, we can help you to understand your coaching challenges, and help you implement tools and processes for many scenarios, including:
  • Helping leaders establish effective coaching partnerships with their individual employees and teams
  • Equipping new leaders with the coaching fundamentals they need when they move into a leadership role
  • Assessing the personal effectiveness and development needs of your leaders and managers as coaches
  • Determining organisational strengths and barriers to building and sustaining a coaching culture
  • Helping technical professionals in your organisation to develop their behavioural and leadership skills to enable them and their teams to achieve higher levels of performance.

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